Savings Account

This is a savings account which represents each member's ownership share of the credit union

There is a required minimum balance of $5.00 to maintain membership in the credit union and thus take advantage of the many services and loan products offered.

Just because this account is used to establish and maintain membership doesn't mean it isn't also used for worthwhile savings purposes. It can be compared to a “Passbook Savings” Account at other financial institutions, except our interest (dividend) rate is typically higher than that of our competition.

Payroll Deduction (or Direct Deposit) into a regular savings account is a convenient and easy method of helping our members develop quality savings habits. Many of our members simply use this account for saving funds they are afraid to “tie up” for a specified period of time in a certificate account. For that reason, CCFCU allows up to six savings withdrawals per calendar month from regular savings without a fee! Other members use this account as a “holding account” in which to accumulate funds necessary to make their monthly loan payments or in which to save up for a certificate of deposit.

This account can and does serve many worthwhile purposes!