About Us

About Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union

Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union, a federally-chartered credit union founded in 1962, must maintain itself by federal regulation as a not for profit institution with no profit incentives and a volunteer Board of Directors consisting only of credit union members.

8,000 plus members from various employer groups make up the membership/ownership of CCFCU. CCFCU is a strong, growing credit union that continues to grow by allowing expansion and diversification of its membership.

A primary goal of CCFCU is to provide our members with a variety of low cost or no cost services as well as simple interest loans of all types. Our members can also rest assured that each credit union account is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for up to $250,000.00.

Payroll Deduction (Direct Deposit) allows our members a very convenient method to send savings funds to their credit union accounts and to make their loan payments.

Each member becomes an owner allowing other family members to enjoy CCFCU membership, and the credit union adheres to the policy, "Once a member, always a member".

Our History

Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union derives its name from the fact that it is the result of a number of smaller credit unions that have cooperatively organized into one large credit union that offers a complete array of financial and insurance services to its members.

In 1962, the Char-Meck Teachers Credit Union was chartered to serve the teachers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. Its founder was Mr. K.C. Sinclair, a Charlotte Mecklenburg math teacher.

In 1972, the P.I.R. Federal Credit Union was chartered to serve the employees of Rexham Corporation in Charlotte, North Carolina and throughout the United States. Its founder was Mr. R.M. Hubbard, a Rexham executive.

Beginning in 1980, the P.I.R. Federal Credit Union, which was later renamed the Rexham Federal Credit Union, began a series of mergers with other credit unions including Carolinas M.A.C. Federal Credit Union, Orthopedic Hospital of Charlotte Credit Union, Termaco Credit Union, Nawsuco Credit Union, Star Paper Tube Federal Credit Union, Rea Employees Federal Credit Union, Tarheels Federal Credit Union, ACC Federal Credit Union, Petty Machine Employees Federal Credit Union and J. M. S. Federal Credit Union.

In July of 1990, the Rexham Federal Credit Union changed its name to Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union to better reflect its membership of many different companies.

In March of 1997, the name Char-Meck Teachers Credit Union was changed to Char-Meck Credit Union as it began to accept into its field of membership employees not associated with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. In 1998, Char-Meck Credit Union merged with two other credit unions, Delmar Crown Point Credit Union and the P&C Credit Union.

In 1995, as the Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union continued to grow and expand, a branch office was opened in Gastonia, NC, to serve its members in the Gaston County area.

In 1999, in order to increase their value to members and expand their services to more members, the Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union and the Char-Meck Credit Union merged. This merger resulted in a much larger credit union.

Although the name changed and a new logo was adopted, the Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union remains committed to the same philosophy that made the former Char-Meck Credit Union and the Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union so successful - that is: “Quality, friendly service to every member.”

Mission Statement

Our Motto

“At Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union, members are our number one priority”

Vision Statement

The vision of Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union is to expand the branch network into new geographical and underserved areas of North Carolina; increase membership, through planned growth; achieve and maintain the NCUA’s highest financial ratings; and maintain financial services technology and products equal to or better than the credit union and banking industries.

Mission Statement

The mission of Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union is to serve its members by offering them the best customer service in the credit union industry and to provide the comprehensive financial products and services that will promote their financial well being.