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With the use of a VISA Debit Card, you gain all the features of a traditional ATM card, but additionally gain the benefits of VISA point of sale transactions. Since VISA is accepted worldwide, you will never be 'left out in the cold' without access to instant funds or the ability to make purchases as long as you have available funds in your share draft (checking) account.

With our VISA Debit Card, you may obtain three ATM withdrawals per calendar month through the Honor or Star Networks without being assessed a fee! After that, ATM withdrawal fees are only $1 for each additional withdrawal in the same calendar month. However, you must be careful to avoid surcharges assessed by ATM machine owners. Be sure to read the disclosures printed on the machine or to carefully answer any surcharge-related questions asked through the machine's withdrawal menu.

You can make as many purchases with your VISA Debit Card as your share draft checking) balance will allow and at whatever establishment VISA is accepted and without any fees. No more waiting in a checkout lane while fumbling around for your checkbook, pen and two forms of identification! No more waiting for your cashier's supervisor to meander over and approve your purchase by check! Your purchase will be approved as quickly as if you had used a credit card.

For obvious reasons, this is our 'Card of Choice', so don't delay! Call the branch nearest you for a VISA Debit Card application today!


Lost or Stolen Visa Debit Card please call  1-866-546-8273

Please also call your local branch to reorder a new card.  Branch Office Phone #ís


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