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The K. C. Sinclair Scholarship 

K. C. Sinclair Scholarship Information and Instruction Sheet


Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union awards a $2,500 scholarship each year to two members of the current year’s high school graduating class based on academics, leadership, and interest in further education.



To be eligible for the scholarship, the recipient must be:

·        A member of a current high school graduating class

·        A son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, grandson, granddaughter of a member of Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union.

·        Planning enrollment in a diploma, certificate, or degree program at an accredited college, university or community college.



Must be mailed to:        Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union    

                                    Attn: Scholarship Committee                                   

                                    6502 McMahon Dr. 

                                    Charlotte, NC 28226


The application:

·        Will not be accepted until March 1st of the current year.

·        Must be signed by the applicant and a parent/guardian.

·        Must contain an official school transcript from their high school, covering each high school attended.  The school transcript must include grades and test scores for 10th, 11th, and first semester of 12th grade. A transcript is official only if received in a SEALED school envelope, with a school official’s signature and with a school seal.  Any application that is received by the Scholarship Committee with an opened transcript will not be considered.

·        Must be post marked no later than March 31st of the current year.

·        Cannot be faxed!

·        Must have the following items completed (Please print on separate sheets of paper)

1.      Application form

2.      Activities sheet

3.      Goals statement (Handwritten by Applicant)

4.      Unopened Official School transcript


In fairness to all other applicants, an incomplete or late application will not be considered!




The K.C. Sinclair Scholarship will be awarded on the following basis:

·        Career goals

·        Leadership

·        Grades and test scores



Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union will award the K.C. Sinclair Scholarship in May of the current year based on the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee.  After the selection is made, you will receive a letter confirming your status.


The check will be sent directly to the college, university or community college, upon written request from the scholarship recipient, when enrollment is confirmed.