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Visa Credit Cards provide our members with a convenient, efficient and safe means of accessing their credit union line of credit worldwide. Many institutions offer amazingly low introductory interest rates on credit cards. However, when the introductory period is up, the special interest rate goes up too. Way up! This is not the case with CCFCU Visa Credit Cards. Our rate starts out low and stays low. See the advantages of our program for yourself:
  • 8.90%(Select) 12.90%(Classic) A.P.R. Fixed Rate
  • Balance Transfer & Cash Advance A.P.R. does NOT increase!
  • No Annual Fee
  • 25-day Grace Period on Purchases
  • Earn points on all purchases towards wonderful rewards (Jewelry, Electronics, Travel & More)!


CCFCU also offers a Secured Visa Credit Card for members who cannot qualify for the normal card and need help rebuilding their credit. Please see our Secured Loan section for more information.

The credit limit is determined by the member's credit worthiness. And, for purposes of determining a member's maximum amount of unsecured credit available, Visa Credit Card limits are classified as 'signature' loans.

To report lost/stolen card you must call 800-808-7230 or 800-991-4964


Mail Payments  to:                                                               OVERNIGHT only

            CCFCU-Visa                                                             FIS Remittance Center

            PO BOX 4519                                                           1800 Springer Dr

Carol Stream  IL  60197-4519                                   Lombard  IL  60148