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Beginning 9/1/2017 the Credit Union will begin charging $2 for paper statements mailed to your home. Please sign up for

E-Statements and this fee will be waived including receiving for FREE all the benefits of E-Statements, Online Banking and

"Carolina Mobile"- the Credit Union cell phone banking app.


This is a checking account with no minimum balance requirements and no per check charges!  With all those cost savings it's like you are giving yourself a raise!  If you would like to earn interest, check out our E-Checking account paying a .25%* a.p.r.!  CCFCU's share draft (checking) account can prove itself invaluable to any member. Just check out some of these other great features:

    Courtesy Overdraft Privilege


  • Courtesy Overdraft Privilege is a non-contractual service designed to help members who occasionally overdraw their checking accounts by paying items up to the established limit ($400) and preventing additional costs associated with returned items, such as merchant fees and late fees.  Not only do you avoid embarrassment, but also could potentially avoid damage to a credit rating and save money by avoiding merchant fees and late fees.

  • With every checking account Courtesy Overdraft Privilege is automatically activated.* No extra steps required!

  • No fees for this service unless used by the member.

  • Covers transactions like: Checks, Checks Issued to a Third Party, Automatic Debits, ATM Withdrawals, Debit Card Sales

  • Identity theft protection service which protects you and everyone in your immediate family.  This service also allows you to pull your credit report from all 3 bureaus with scores!



    Deposits are easy and convenient through:

  • Payroll deduction and/or Direct Deposit

  • Wire Transfer
  • In Person at any of our branches during our business hours
  • Night drop after hours at any of our branches
  • Withdrawals and/or purchases are a breeze via:
  • Drafts (checks) accepted anywhere you would normally write a check.
  • Optional Visa Debit Card
  • Optional ATM withdrawals via the Star Network and the Cash Points Network of ATM machines.
  • Electronic drafting from your account to pay recurring bills (as set up by
    your creditor)
  • In Person at any of our branches during our business hours, where we can offer you:
           -Cash withdrawals
           -Money Orders
           -Cashierís Checks
           -Travelerís Checks
           -Counter Checks
           -Credit Union Check Withdrawals
           -Wire Transfers

Management and control of your account is easy and cost-efficient by the use of:

  • HomeCU (Online Banking)  ~ E-Statement ~ Bill Pay Service

  • Inexpensive imprinted drafts (checks) with duplicate copies for easy
    record keeping.

  • Counter checks provided at a fair cost at any branch if you forget to
    order replacement drafts (checks) on time.
  • Monthly statements of account activity sent directly to your home
  • Optional E-Statements where you can access up to 24 previous months of statements online 24 hours a day!
  • Friendly, helpful staff assistance at any of our branches
  • Free 24-Hour Audio Response where you can call and:
           - Check the balance in all your accounts
           - Find out whether or not checks have cleared
           - Transfer funds from savings to checking or vice versa
  • Optional overdraft loan protection (if you qualify) to help cover those
    human errors you're going to sometimes make.
  • Automatic transfers from savings (if funds are available) to cover
    overdraft errors.*
  • Fees for check copies, stop payments, returns, overdrafts, etc. are lower
    than you would pay at a bank or other financial institution.




*Courtesy Overdraft Privilege is for accounts in good standing only.  Member must bring account to a positive balance within 30 days. For new checking accounts 60 days must elapse before service is activated.

*Fee charged for automatic transfer