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CD's are perfect for those who are saving for a special vacation, education, taxes, a large purchase, or simply planning for long-term financial security with safety in mind.

CCCU offers 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48 and 60-Month Certificates. Only $500 is needed to open the account.  Dividends are posted to the account monthly, and can either be re-invested back into the CD (compounded), paid to the member by check, or transferred into another savings account.

Terms and conditions of CCFCU's certificates are printed in our Certificate Disclosure Agreement Forms. Fees are imposed for early withdrawal. Copies of Fees and/or Disclosures may be obtained from any of our branch locations.

We notify you of your impending maturity date in plenty of time for you to think about your options. And, if your obvious choice is simply to re-invest at our current rate, you don't even have to get back to us. We'll take care of renewing your CD automatically if we don't hear from you!

Call your local branch today for details!