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A primary goal of Carolina Cooperative Federal Credit Union is to provide our members with a variety of low cost, simple interest loans. Low cost Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance are also available on our loans.

Although loan payments can be made in person or by mail, Payroll Deduction (or Direct Deposit) is by far the most convenient, painless and popular way for our members to meet their monthly obligations.

CCFCU prides itself on quick loan approvals. We have included a convenient credit application on our web site located on our secure applications page. Or... you may call or visit the branch nearest you for information, disclosures and an application.  Rates are also included on our web site for your information and convenience.

Our loan officers can also provide credit counseling when our members need assistance. In some cases, credit rebuilding and/or secured loans are 'just the ticket' to help our members put their finances 'back on track'.  Just let us know how we can help you!




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