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Fee Schedule

  Share Accounts: This is a "savings account" which has a required a minimum balance of $5.00.

Christmas club early withdrawal (prior to November 1st)

Vacation club excessive withdrawals(2 or more per calendar quarter)



  Share Draft Accounts: This is a checking account with no minimum balance and no per check charges.

Returned check (non-sufficient funds)


Courtesy Pay (per item)


Stop payment requests (for each series of checks)


Check copies:


Overdraft transfer from saving



  Other Service Fees Applicable To All Accounts:

New ATM or Visa Debit Card issued


Replacement ATM or Visa Debit Card issued


Reactivation of blocked ATM/Visa Debit Card


PIN number replacement


ATM Balance inquiries


Statement by Mail or Transaction History Print


1st 3 overdraft changes Opt In/Opt Out free after 3


Stop-payment on pre-authorized drafts


Wire transfer fee domestic


Wire transfer fee international


Deposited item return fee


Overdrawn account fee


Statement copies


Stop payment request on a teller check (prior to 10 business days from date of issue)


Dormant account fee (after 365 with no activity on any account and a share balance below $200)


Money Orders


Cashier's Checks


Return EFT Transactions (non-sufficient funds)


Traveler's Checks for two (each $100 purchased) and (Gift Cheques)

No Charge

Account Statement Reconciliation & Research / Corporate Research

$20.00 / $10.00

Visa Gift Cards


Research Incorrect Address/Address Correction


Processing Legal Requests (levies, garnishments, etc)


Loan payments by phone from another financial institution convenience fee. (Effective 1/1/2017)



  Online Services (First 90 Days Are Free)


Home CU (Online Banking)

This fee is waived for members that are enrolled in E-Statements.

$4.95 /mo.

Bill Pay Services (Available only w/Home CU)

This fee is waived for members that have a FREE checking account with the Credit Union and are enrolled in E-Statements.  





  Certificates of Deposit and IRA Accts


  Early withdrawal prior to maturity date on time deposits  

90 days dividends


Safe Deposit Boxes - (Bessemer City Branch only)
*  Annual Rental Size 3X5 -     $20.00/Year
*  Annual Rental Size 3X10 -   $30.00/Year
*  Annual Rental Size 5X10 -   $40.00/Year
*  Annual Rental Size 10X10 - $60.00/Year
*  Change of Locks -               $15.00/Lock
*  Replacement of OneKey       $25.00/Item
*  If Two Keys Replaced, Lock Must be Redrilled - $125.00/Item


Safe Deposit Boxes are rented for one year in advance and your annual rental fee will be

withdrawn from your share or checking account at the end of each June.  The rental fee will

be pro rated at the time of rental.  If you lose a key, there is a fee to swap out the lock and

get two new keys.  If you lose both keys you will have to pay a drilling fee. Your box

contents are not insured by the credit union.