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The first step in helping our members develop quality savings habits is to learn the importance of payroll deduction. The simplicity of payroll deduction (or Direct Deposit) allows our members a convenient method to send funds to their credit union accounts for the purpose of saving, making their loan payment(s)or both!

To get started, simply call the credit union branch nearest you or contact the payroll department in your company. If you work for one of our sponsor companies, they're already accustomed to deducting funds from employees' pay to send to the credit union. By signing a credit union payroll deduction card, you can designate how much and to which credit union account(s) your funds are to be distributed.

Even if you no longer work for one of our sponsor companies, but are still a credit union member, your company may have the ability to send your funds to your credit union account(s) via electronic 'Direct Deposit'. To do this, your company simply needs to know your credit union account number and the credit union's Federal Reserve Routing & Transit Number.

Other examples of companies sending the credit union payroll funds via electronic 'Direct Deposit' would be on behalf of:
  • a joint owner on your account who wishes Direct Deposit.
  • a family member who has their own account and wishes to have
    Direct Deposit

Call the branch nearest you for more information as soon as possible.