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 Dealer 0% Financing?

Make Sure You Consider All the Facts 

  Some automobile dealers are once again promoting their 0% financing deals.  Before you obligated to a deal that you might regret we want you to understand that a 0% deal may not always be in your best interest.  Consider all the facts: 

  • Once on the lot, many buyers will find out that they donít qualify for the dealers lowest rates.


  • The dealer 0% are almost always available only on a short term of 12 to 24 months repayment period!

Such a short repayment period will make your monthly payments extremely large.

  • The 0% rate is usually offered as an alternative to a large rebate.

Frequently, taking the rebate and lowering the principle amount you need to borrow has a greater impact on reducing your monthly payments.  

  • Pre-payment penalties are common and a large down payment is often required.


  • The 0% is normally applied to slower selling dealer stock vehicles.  Many of which tend to have a lower resale value.

As a result, the dealers are usually unwilling to negotiate the sale price and you may be required to pay for unwanted options that add to the overall expense. 

Come see your credit union for the financing of your next vehicle and give yourself the option to choose which car, truck or van you would like.  Call or come by today to get pre-approved at our new low rates!